Traceability: Imported by Café Imports from carefully selected farms in Huila, Colombia

Process: Decaf (Sugarcane)


Notes: Chocolate, Lemon, Cherry

Method: Drip (1:15), Espresso

Net weight:  12 ounces (340 grams) / 5 lbs (2.27kg)

Info: Most decaf coffee is an afterthought for everyone but the drinker. Importers and roasters know that traditionally, decaf coffee doesn’t taste very good, so there never was a big incentive to try and make something out of nothing.

That’s all changed with a new processing method called Ethyl Acetate, or sugarcane processing. This method preserves the great flavor of properly grown coffee while removing the caffeine that gives some folks the jitters.

Importers at Café Imports have a great program dedicated to bringing the highest quality, naturally processed decaf to market! Origin Select Decafs are sourced green by Café Imports prior to decaffeination, breaking from the industry norm. By doing this, they are able to provide the highest quality water and E.A. (sugar cane) processed products available. Offerings with the “Farm Select Decaf” name go one step further: They have carefully chosen microlots to be decaffeinated, in order to offer an even higher-end line of traceable options.


All coffee is roasted to order every Monday and shipped the following day through USPS priority mail unless otherwise specified. 

Net weight: 12 ounces (340 grams) / 5 lbs (2.27 kg)

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12 ounces, 5 lbs

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