Traceability: Yuki Minami, São Gotardo, Minas Gerais

Process: Natural

Elevation: 4,100 ft (1250 masl)

Notes: Honey, Nougat, Pear

Method: Drip (1:15), Espresso, Cold Brew

Net weight:  12 ounces/340 grams


Brazil is always in our sights. Renata Eastlick, co-founder of Eastlick Coffee, was born in Brazil and a proud dual-citizen. Since we began in 2015, it was never a question that we would promote Brazilian coffee in one fashion or another. Each year since, we’ve served one or two seasonal Brazilian coffees to a lot of fanfare.

Brazil can be a tough origin, however. As the world’s largest producer, the country is literally swimming in coffee, and finding a special coffee and establishing a meaningful relationship with the producer can be very difficult. So much coffee gets shoveled into the commercial market, and many folks who work in coffee treat the product at an industrial scale. We look for humanity in coffee, however, and we’ve found it in Yuki Minami.

Yuki first came on our radar through our good friends at Crop to Cup, who had met Yuki at an international coffee event. She was on the lookout for a likeminded partner in the US, having recently discovered that her coffee was cupping and scoring well above the commercial grade she was used to selling into. Not long after, I personally met Yuki at a Specialty Coffee Association event in Seattle. It took awhile to make good on my word, but I can’t wait to present this coffee to public.

Grown in the famed Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais, this coffee is decently high altitude for the relatively low Brazil. True to Brazilian form, this coffee is nutty and chocolatey with some nice complexity expressing itself with notes of honey, nougat and pear. Choose this coffee if you’re looking for a daily morning coffee that you can drink day after day, and taste some of the best Brazil has to offer!


All coffee is roasted to order every Monday and shipped the following day through USPS priority mail unless otherwise specified. 

Net weight: 12 ounces (340 grams) / 5 lbs (2.27 kg)

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