Our Story

Eastlick Coffee Company is a coffee roasting online retailer and wholesale provider born in Brooklyn, NY and based out of Saint Petersburg, FL. We love interesting flavors, unique origins, and changing minds on what coffee can and should be. We believe in exploration, experimentation and trying something new. Our pleasure is sharing our passion: Our coffee.

Between the two of us, we’ve been a lot places. Each corner of the world has its different culture and custom, but one of the beautiful unifiers of the human experience is the practice of hospitality. From a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania to the busy streets of Rio de Janeiro; as dusty backpackers in Morocco or sitting at the chicest cafés of Oslo, we’ve been greeted by a smile and a hot cup of coffee.

It’s with this spirit in mind that we started Eastlick Coffee Company. We want to offer you coffee that is delicious and approachable; both complex and comforting. We believe coffee can be (and has been for centuries) a cornerstone of great hospitality. We hope our coffee is enjoyed by as many people as possible over good food, good conversations and good times.

Meet the Eastlicks

    Joel Eastlick

    Co-owner and Head Roaster

    Renata Eastlick


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