by Ellie Eckert

February 13, 2017

Fall in love with Joel & Renata of Eastlick Coffee Company


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by Rachel Soh

November 28, 2016

Read about Eastlick Coffee’s own, Co-Founder and Head Roaster Joel Eastlick and his journey with coffee.


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November 2016: Doubleshot – Eastlick Interview

Doubleshot is a photography project and a visual expression of appreciation for good coffee and great people.


Reviews by Drew Moody



August 18, 2016

“The flavor follows the nose, as I take my first few sips immediately post-brew. This full-bodied coffee has a thick, juicy mouthfeel and deep, voluptuous flavors. Very bold, powerful flavors, too; particularly of dark chocolate cocoa powder and honey. Further, right out of the gate, there is a rush of tart fruits that bites at the tongue. Tart cranberry juice, watermelon, and a mild lime acidity… What I’m most surprised by, though, is the massive presence of nuts and spices.

Most of my experiences with Burundian coffees provided what I’ve tasted so far in this cup: chocolate, fruit, florals… Those are pretty typical notes for this region. But this coffee also features roasted hazelnut, cinnamon, and clove nuances, making this one of the more complex Burundian coffees I’ve had in some time.”

Craft Coffee Featured Roaster 

August 2016

Eastlick Coffee Company – Burundi Bukeye Rubiziri


February 18, 2016

“From the very first sip to the last drop, Eastlick Coffee’s Ethiopia Biftu Gudina is absolutely stunning. A bright, fruity coffee with a voluptuously supple full body that envelops the tongue and entices the taste buds. This is another one of those Ethiopian coffees that could have been served in a wine glass; one that showcases how complex, elegant, and fine coffees can be. I can’t recommend this one highly enough.”

Craft Coffee Featured Roaster 

February 2016

Eastlick Coffee Company – Ethiopia Biftu Gudina

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